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The end of a cycle

Its been an epic 7 year journey. So in my own way I have debriefed so I can move forward. This is a blog summarizing my experience with Kailey these last 7 years. I’m now learning how epic this has been as I balance out the karma between Kailey and I in this life. It’s only now that I can see how her nightmares of losing me and my nightmares of losing her have given me the opportunity of completion. The opportunity to feel as though I have saved her. So we can be together in this life all the way to its very long end

Does the ordeal ever end

DOES THE ORDEAL EVER END?   My birthday fast approaches and I can't help but feel exhausted by the fact i'm only 34. I feel as though I have lived a million lifetimes. I remember watching the movie Adrift (a movie about a woman who was lost at sea for months...

Peace   I'm sitting here watching the rain gently falling. I can hear the birds and trickle of water. Today is such a contrast for me in comparison to yesterday. There was so much movement and doing yesterday. Places I had to be, organising care for my kids and...

Who am I?

Who am I? Do we ever truly know ourselves until we have been tried and tested in battle? I have found myself asking who, am I? I think I know the answer and then I circle back and find myself asking it again. It's a big question and the more I ask and receive answers,...

Getting comfy with Discomfort

We live in a comfortable, instant gratification society. Most of us do anyway. We are always seeking comfort in one way or another. And why not, it feels good! But uncomfortable things happen. Stuff happens. Life happens. Change and growth come upon us whether we want...

Chronic Fatigue, Cranky and Irritable

I hate being tired. Its a sensation I have really struggled with. Up until a few years ago I could say it's something I struggled with my whole life. The feeling of treading water. Of survival. Of feeling the need to cancel outings because the idea of getting dressed...

Flowing with life..

 We all have moments when we feel stuck, flat, exhausted, blocked, like we’re swimming upstream. Moments of pain, life is against us. Our emotions are guiding our life. What about feeling free, flowing, grounded. Solid within ourselves, centered in life and firmly in the flow? This is our natural state of being after all. This is what Spinal Flow does. It retrains the body (specifically the nervous system), by bringing in more flow/wave/chi/life force/oxygen whatever words you choose. 

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