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I am a soul having a human experience and oh my how long it took for me to reach that place of realisation. I enjoy exploring the deepest parts of myself and seeing what is there. The more I do this, the further I venture, the more I feel I am readily able to help those around me.

My path takes me now to one of service. I seek to step further and further outside of the small and limited self into the expansive mysteries of the unknown.

On a practical level I am a single mum, a writer and adventurer. My passions and interests are spiritual explorations on all levels and connecting people to the divine. I am especially passionate about children and families facilitating in whichever way possible harmonious and loving connections. I love to create in many different forms and I love to traverse the expansive unknown.

I have studied Hypnotism, Reiki (I&II) and Shamanic Practices (soul portion retrieval, power animal retrieval and extraction healing) but I could not fully develop any of these without my deep love and connection with spirit. I work with them and they with me in all that I do.

I hope my path of service will guide you in whatever way is most sought after by your most highest self.

Tit for Tat

​ Tit for Tat I had a wonderful dream last night. I received a beautiful warm druid styled cloak...

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Everything in the Universe is within you.

Ask all from yourself.

- Rumi

Nioda Whitefeather

(previously known as Alicia Taylor)

0431 135 739


3/26 Bonville Street, Urunga NSW 

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which I work

Terms and Conditions

By continuing to browse this website you acknowledge that the work done by Nioda Whitefeather is intuitively guided with no formal qualification or training (with the exception of the Shamanic Package)

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